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Web Tools of The Trade #1: CSS Gradients

Tweet Need a fresh take on your site or a new website all together?

5 Ways to keep your advertising consistent

Tweet Your marketing materials may target various demographics, but they should also present a consistent message about your brand; including the features, benefits and quality of your products. When potential customers encounter your business card, brochure, catalog, billboard, television ad, website or other marketing materials, it should be apparent they have a connection with the … Read More

Inside RSA Print Production

Tweet RSA’s print department is like a well-oiled machine, a machine that runs on variety and creativity. Our passion is providing clients with top-notch designs and superb customer service. We thrive on the day-to-day challenge of conjuring fresh ideas for effective graphic design. No two projects are ever the same – and we love that! … Read More

Shaping the minds of tomorrow

Tweet [When asked to write a post for the RSA blog I thought, hey I’m not a writer – and what was I even going to write about? Think Justin….think! Then it happened, my WDT intern Pierre (his name has been changed to protect his innocence) walked in and said “what’s goin’ on?” And just … Read More

Does this logo make me look fat?

Tweet As Amanda mentioned in her recent post on designing professional logos, designers tend to approach their work in a different way than many people think. Our decisions aren’t arbitrary – it’s not like ordering food, where you just pick whatever you happen to like at the time. There needs to be purpose. Many of … Read More

Why Creating Logos is Best Left to Professionals

Tweet I don’t know how many times I’ve started a project for a new client when I hear those soul-crushing words, “The client will be sending the logo later today, it was designed by [the vice-president’s wife/the boss’ daughter for a high school art project/So-and-so’s neighbor’s son Johnny – don’t worry, he’s into computers…].” Yeah, … Read More

Traditional Advertising Is An Oldie But A Goodie

Tweet Lost within the maze of our office, sitting in front of his Mac – probably playing video games – is Justin Mather, one of our graphic design veterans.  Last week we bribed him to sit down and spit out a few notes about traditional advertising. Here’s the dirt: Traditional advertising has been around a … Read More

Is The Look Of A Website Most Important?

Tweet Who cares how a website looks if it doesn’t work? Well, the owner of the site, usually. Many of the websites I’ve built over the years have been for clients who care very much how their websites look, and often make decisions to enhance that aesthetic quality at the expense of usability (the ease … Read More

Stuff You Liked From 2009

Tweet Whenever I sit down to go through ideas for blog posts, I inevitably think of a few that sound great, only to realize hey, we already wrote that one. A lot of the things we wrote about last year are still relevant even now – maybe more so. Looking back through our logs, it’s … Read More

Understanding Website Design

Tweet What is “good” web design? Many people don’t understand what makes websites good or bad, and some are even surprised to learn that effective web design takes time, and isn’t cheap. Let me explain… When you look at a website, you’re looking at an end product. Like a car, there’s really no indication of … Read More

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