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Cheap Web Design, Step Right Up!

Tweet Using the internet is now mainstream; a way of life for the great many people who buy products and services online. In light of this, you might think more businesses would have a better online presence. So why don’t they? Low budget = cheap website? In my experience the top reason is budget. Businesses, … Read More

Social Media Tips From Google, KS

Tweet For the month of March, Topeka doesn’t exist. The town of 120,000 is now officially named Google, KS. The big question, of course, is why? Earlier this month Google announced a contest to bring Google Fiber (ultra-high-speed broadband Internet) to one or more trial communities around the country. A Topeka Facebook group urging locals … Read More

Midwest Creative Professionals Unite

Tweet I’ll be driving through eastern South Dakota next week. It’s a drive I’ve made many times, though I’m usually on my way to Minneapolis. This time Sioux Falls is my destination, and I’m pumped. I’m heading out that way to attend the OTA Sessions–an event that, if you’re a small (or large) business owner, … Read More

Is The Look Of A Website Most Important?

Tweet Who cares how a website looks if it doesn’t work? Well, the owner of the site, usually. Many of the websites I’ve built over the years have been for clients who care very much how their websites look, and often make decisions to enhance that aesthetic quality at the expense of usability (the ease … Read More

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