Mobile Responsive websites are about to get the nod from Google

In a digital world where everything changes faster than most humans can imagine, it is important as a business owner or manager to at least keep up with the ‘big stuff.’ We are talking about the stuff online that can have a large impact on your business, including being found on the web. April 21 … Read More

Tourism Conference 2015
Marketing Ideas. Service. Results.

For almost 10 years, Robert Sharp & Associates (RSA) has attended the Governor’s Conference on Tourism to support influential clients in the hospitality and tourism industry, including Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and Reptile Gardens – one of the only tourism-based businesses to see an increase in revenue and attendance in 2014. In 2015, RSA is helping … Read More

Online Community Culture & the Sturgis® Motorcycle Rally™

Anyone can see the Sturgis® Motorcycle Rally™ draws a huge crowd with an exorbitant number of people! The streets flood with visitors and the hills rumble with motorcycle reverberations. But participation is so much more than a headcount spanning a week’s time. In a growing digital age with online hubs, like Sturgis® Motorcycle Rally™ website, … Read More

Web Tools of The Trade #2, pseudo-elements

When it comes to building web pages the fundamental building block is a rectangle. A page may contain elements that look rounded or circular or zig-zagged or any manner of things, but anything that is not rectangular in appearance falls into two categories. Either it is a bitmap image, created using an image manipulation program … Read More

Web Tools of The Trade #1: CSS Gradients

Need a fresh take on your site or a new website all together?

Web Doohicky #1: The Accordion

What Is An Accordian? An accordion is a set of content sections that can be collapsed, so more content can be fit into a smaller area. The name “accordion” comes from the bellows of an accordion, which expand and contract as the accordion is played. Try it out below. This is the title of a … Read More

Media Buying… anybody can do it!

Technically, this is an accurate statement… anybody can buy media.  It could also be said anybody can sew up a cut, install a car stereo, lay carpet, or groom a dog – but you shouldn’t.There are experts in every field and we rely on them on a daily basis. If you won’t trust anybody but … Read More

2013 Websites Integrate SEM/Social Strategies

2013 has finally closed and the new year is flooding out the gate as I write this article. In retrospect, it was a great year and I wouldn’t take it back for anything. The experience of seeing so many good web projects come to fruition was phenomenal. The teams I was fortunate enough to work … Read More

What is Facebook ROI? Here’s a Theory Worth Considering…

Recently, Syncapse conducted a study titled ‘The Value of a Facebook Fan 2013: Revisiting Consumer Brand Currency in Social Media.’ The purpose of the study was to dig in, and associate an actual dollar value to a fan who ‘likes’ a business page on the social platform. The study included a wide range of popular … Read More

8 Money Draining Mistakes

Reserve a seat at an upcoming RSA web marketing webinar: Reserve A Seat At RSA, we realize the importance of measurable goals, knowing your customer, and SEO when creating a successful business website. We would like to provide you with invaluable guidance and insights in order to increase your business’ online sales and help lead … Read More

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